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3 Keys to a Successful Call Center


There are several ways a company can enhance its operations to create a successful call center. Today, omnichannel communication possibilities make customer support increasingly complex. Some companies have altogether gotten rid of classic phone support in favour of new chat options. Yet, 66% of customers report that they resolve their customer support issues over the phone. This is over 10% higher than email, the second favourite communication channel. To provide this dedicated, quality support by phone, many companies establish call centers. Call centers are well-known for being at the heart of customer success operations. These complex, busy hubs can greatly enhance a company’s customer experience.

Consider the actions below in order to set up an efficient and successful call center.

Consider your Organisational Structure

When setting up a call center, it’s important to consider which structure is best for your company’s needs and size. Beyond hiring staff that are dedicated to providing excellent customer service, companies have to determine how they plan to organise the teams and hierarchies of their call centers.

From call center agents to team leads and managers, each role should have clear job descriptions. In large, complex structures it is important to know who is responsible for which tasks. A successful call center must continue to run smoothly no matter the influx of calls or crises that arrive. This structure should easily be able to be integrated into the tools and systems used by the call center.

Establish and Track KPIs

There are many well-established lists of metrics that companies can reference to determine which KPIs they will use to measure their performance. It’s important to consider which metrics are most important for an individual company to focus on in order to best refine its operations and ensure a positive customer experience. Average handle time, customer satisfaction, first contact resolution, and repeat calls are just a few of the metrics that companies can measure when managing and reviewing their call centers.

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Support Call Center Employees 

In order to build a successful call center, there must be systems in place to support the professional development and training of new and existing employees. By helping employees understand how they can improve, they are more likely to provide exceptional customer service. Companies can facilitate this by collecting feedback and providing knowledge management tools in the same location. Developing mechanisms like tutorials, guidelines, and case studies boosts knowledge management and improves the efficiency of an organisation’s decision making abilities.

Providing a positive and supportive work environment for employees also helps define a company’s values and personality. These values may start internally, but are visible and important to external customers. By ensuring that workers and customers receive the treatment they deserve, companies can increase their value and improve customer satisfaction. Creating value is a form of brand marketing that is important to customers when they consider purchasing products or services.


An organisation that takes the time to ensure it has a well-organised hierarchy, tracks its KPIs, and provides support to its employees will be well-positioned to create a successful call center. These valuable elements furthermore produce strong rates of customer satisfaction. Organisations cannot simply check a box that these actions have been taken. Rather they must take the time to create a meaningful organisational culture based on these actions. 

In creating these internal values, the company will develop a positive brand awareness that can serve as a positive marketing tool to draw in customers. Therefore, not only will customers want to use the company’s product or service, but with a successful call center, the customers will report high levels of satisfaction following all interactions with the organisation.

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