Tech updates 2020

Tech Updates: Autumn 2020 Review

The ViiBE team is pleased to release the review of our Autumn 2020 tech updates. This review includes several important updates and new features that have been requested by our customers. These updates are helping our users continuously deliver better customer service. The following tech updates were released in Autumn 2020: Accessibility Updates Our tech updates include several improvements to ViiBE’s WebRTC platform to streamline the process of accessing calls and continue ...

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Young woman providing remote customer service

How to create empathy in remote customer service?

Introduction The Covid-19 crisis has massively disrupted the retail sector making remote customer service and satisfaction increasingly difficult to provide. Safety concerns have become one of the top challenges for companies to tackle. 70% of consumers have stated that their concern for hygiene and sanitation is heightened. Both customers and companies are adapting to find new ways to resolve after-sales issues and effectively collaborate from a distance. With an elevated number ...

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Customer support agents who adapt to Covid-19

How are companies adapting customer support due to Covid-19?

Introduction With social distancing as the new normal, words like "travel" and "contact" are considered taboo. Customers and companies alike have adapted in unique ways to handle the challenges of the pandemic. The key differentiator is visible in companies that embraced adaptation. They have experienced higher levels of success despite the challenges presented during the crisis. They have adapted to the remote work trend and taken advantage of the tech innovations ...

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Employees at call centers

Call centers vs contact centers: What is the difference?

Introduction Both call centers and contact centers are critical tools for customer service. Setting up a successful call or contact center is important for ensuring customer satisfaction and for building a brand's value. Both of these kinds of centers involve the use of phone channels for communication. However, beyond those similarities, these two communication centers are quite different. In understanding the differences between these two centers, companies can discover which model ...

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Smiling people working in a successful call center

3 keys to a successful call center

Introduction There are several ways a company can enhance its operations to create a successful call center. Today, omnichannel communication possibilities make customer support increasingly complex. Some companies have altogether gotten rid of classic phone support in favour of new chat options. Yet, 66% of customers report that they resolve their customer support issues over the phone. This is over 10% higher than email, the second favourite communication channel. To provide ...

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Call center providing remote customer service

ViiBE x Zendesk: complementary platforms for enhanced customer experience

ViiBE’s video-assistance technology dedicated to helping desk support in call centers is proud to partner with Zendesk. As a member of Zendesk’s incubator at Station F in Paris, as well as being available on the Zendesk marketplace, ViiBE is pleased that this partnership has proven beneficial to clients such as the international sporting goods retailer, Decathlon. ViiBE’s integration with customer service powerhouse, Zendesk, promises the best remote diagnosis thanks to ...

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Smart homes: Connected appliances

Smart home challenges and why companies should care

It is no surprise that people continue to become more and more connected every year. Technology is everywhere and connecting everyday devices in our homes makes routine tasks even easier. In fact, Gartner predicts that 20.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide in 2020 as compared to 8.4 billion in 2017. The rate of connection is also increasing as 8.4 billion was up 31% from the amount in ...

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Woman on the phone with a good CX strategy

How to upgrade your CX strategy

Links to loyalty In 2020, having a CX strategy is key, as customers are more selective with their loyalty. They are not asking for much, but they do expect timely, personal, and positive customer service. In fact, 60% of consumers report that customer service and brand loyalty are directly correlated. Nonetheless, maintaining that loyalty is becoming more difficult. 77% of customers admit a willingness to switch brands more readily than in ...

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