Tech updates 2020

Tech Updates: Autumn 2020 Review

The ViiBE team is pleased to release the review of our Autumn 2020 tech updates. This review includes several important updates and new features that have been requested by our customers. These updates are helping our users continuously deliver better customer service. The following tech updates were released in Autumn 2020: Accessibility Updates Our tech updates include several improvements to ViiBE’s WebRTC platform to streamline the process of accessing calls and continue ...

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Airplane grounding on tarmac

Why digital innovation will disrupt costly airplane grounding

Air travel continues to be a lucrative market. The booming demand and economic growth of this $6.3 trillion industry is driving the demand for new innovations. The digitalisation of aeronautics is particularly focused on new manufacturing and operational tools and services. Increasing efficiency in these parts of the industry will lower both production and maintenance costs. This is a key area of innovation, as one of the industry’s most challenging ...

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