Facetime alternative 2021

FaceTime Alternative: Choosing the Best Remote Communication Software (2021)

FaceTime is a videotelephony tool created by Apple Inc. for communication between its customers. This video call product offers several of the usual video conferencing in-call features. FaceTime alternatives, on the other hand, can provide unique collaboration tools. This article compares the functionality of FaceTime with ViiBE, a top competitor.

Platform Access and Compatibility

FaceTime is built into Apple mobile phones. As a result, it is unavailable on other platforms like Android or Windows and cannot be used with external, non-Apple users. This presents a huge limitation as many people do not use Apple devices. Other FaceTime alternatives, like ViiBE, are device agnostic. ViiBE’s video assistance solution can be used on all major operating systems, on any device, and without download. This way, ViiBE’s platform is easily accessible to any team around the world. As a result, companies don’t have to worry about IT blockages or device preferences.

What Functions are Available During Calls?

FaceTime includes minimal options for in-call tools. One feature is the picture in picture view. With this, you can see the other call participants as well as what the other users see of you. Additionally, callers can switch between using their front and back cameras. This is useful for showing your conversation partners your surroundings if necessary. Finally, FaceTime allows users to transition between landscape and portrait call modes. These functionalities are useful for basic video calls, but do not allow users to collaborate or troubleshoot problems together.

With FaceTime alternatives like ViiBE, users have a much wider variety of tools available. During ViiBE calls, users can draw with a paintbrush, write text, and create arrows on a virtual whiteboard. All callers see the annotations and can collaborate together. The call participants can use the same tools on any pictures or documents they shared during the call. Additionally, ViiBE offers a classic screen sharing feature. 

There is also a red laser tool available. Collaborators can project it onto the live video feeds of others to help guide them. This is particularly useful for solving complex problems and providing technical support. These tools help companies resolve issues faster and increase first call resolution rates. They also reduce the need to dispatch experts on-site to fix the issue in person.

Customising the Video Call Platform

Facetime is pre-installed in Apple devices and the application cannot be changed. It offers a simple user interface. You simply select which contact you want to call and the app launches a video call request. With such a simple design, customisation is not a priority. However, some companies want to be able to customise their communication tool. They find these details leave a nice professional touch. 

Such options are available on the platforms of FaceTime alternatives. For example, ViiBE allows team administrators to create unique call notification emails and text messages. Therefore, companies can personalise their outreach, creating a more positive experience. FaceTime alternative, ViiBE also allows clients to white label their platforms. This means that companies can change any pictures, logos, and colours on ViiBE’s platform to reflect their own brand. As a result, companies feel they have complete ownership over their communication solution.

Options for Knowledge Management

Once a FaceTime call is done, no information is recorded except for the basic call history. Conversely, ViiBE, a FaceTime alternative, has a built-in system for knowledge management. ViiBE calls are stored in a ticketing system. The tickets contain the video recording along with any documents or pictures from the conversation. This provides material for passing valuable information from experienced to novice workers. As a result, employees can learn new skills and be better prepared to resolve issues independently.

Overview of FaceTime vs ViiBE

Both video assistance tools offer several beneficial features. FaceTime is automatically integrated into iOS mobile devices. It offers classic video call functionalities and is seamlessly integrated into Apple devices. However, there are several reasons why customers may want to consider a FaceTime alternative. ViiBE is more widely accessible as it is not limited to Apple users. It also has a wider range of in-call features and options to customise the platform. Finally, ViiBE includes a knowledge management system to assist with organisational learning.

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