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Microsoft Teams Competitors: Choosing the Best Alternative (2021)

Videoconferencing tools and remote communication systems are central to the modern world of work. It is important to find a solution that fits your collaboration needs. What Microsoft Teams competitors are available on the market and how do they compare with each other? Each Teams alternative has different functions that may be better suited to fit the needs of certain industries or companies. The comparison table below highlights several contrasts between ViiBE, a top Microsoft Teams alternative, and Teams to understand their different capabilities.

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ViiBE Microsoft Teams
No download
for internal users X
for external users X
On all OS X
Compatible with
Realwear Glasses
Real-time interface
Escalate to another competency X
QR code sharing X
Invite anyone to the call X
Laser Pointer X
Take screenshots
Annotate pictures X
Remotely switch client’s
camera on mobile
Exit journey to track KPIs X
Personalisation options
Customised SMS X
Email X
Logo X
Graphics X
Knowledge Management
Integrated ticketing system X
Archiving of video
Archiving of documents X
Ticket search bar X

Overview of Microsoft Teams Alternatives

Both Teams and ViiBE offer strong communication platforms. Teams is often used for its instant messaging, video calls, and integrations with other applications. However, collaboration requires more than simply launching video calls. Teams competitors, like ViiBE, include other remote collaboration functionalities that help companies optimise their workflows. Unlike some competitors, Microsoft Teams requires an app to be downloaded. In addition, it does not allow users to track remote assistance KPIs, have an integrated ticketing system, or provide options for personalised branding.

The Friction of Downloading an App

Accessing a ViiBE call is quick and easy, requiring only one click and no download, 100% of the time. Other Teams competitors require participants to download software before joining calls. This creates friction in the user experience. Users need bandwidth to download an app, and sometimes they face IT restrictions. These are problematic barriers to access, particularly in the face of emergency situations when immediate assistance is required.

By eliminating the need to download, ViiBE has created a lighter, smoother user experience. This is especially important in today’s industries where technicians, experts, and support agents need to contact external partners who may not have access to the same platforms.

What Collaborative Tools are Available?

To have a truly collaborative experience, the appropriate functionalities and tools must be available. Users need various functionalities to remotely solve technical problems, perform inspections, and provide assistance. Microsoft Teams, as well as many Teams competitors, allows its users to take screenshots during calls and provides a chat function, but it doesn’t offer any other collaboration functions. ViiBE, on the other hand, offers a wide range of collaboration tools.

With alternatives like ViiBE, call participants can add hand-drawn annotations, text, and arrows to any documents sent or snapshots taken. ViiBE users also have access to a collaborative whiteboard and can project a red laser onto the live video feed of all other call participants. As a result, users can resolve issues resolved faster and in one call with ViiBE. ViiBE also reduces the need for experts or technicians to travel on-site to fix the issue in-person.

Picture of Teams competitor ViiBE's video assistance platform

Can you Personalise the Platforms?

A custom user experience increases satisfaction rates. Microsoft Teams only allows you to send generic emails to participants. ViiBE’s call notification emails and text messages, however, can be customised, so participants feel the messages are targeted towards their needs. ViiBE also provides additional white-labelling opportunities for its clients’ individual ViiBE domains. Companies can personalise their login screens with company-specific images, and change the colour and logos on the platform, for complete ownership.

Teams Alternatives and Knowledge Management

It is imperative for companies to have experienced workforces that are knowledgeable of the industry’s best practices. This knowledge improves operational efficiency and reduces errors. Knowledge management solutions create meaningful connections between operational experiences and learning departments. Microsoft Teams competitors have more extensive knowledge management systems to support employee learning.

ViiBE’s ticketing and archiving system serves as a tool for retaining and passing on the knowledge of industry veterans. Its video archives increase the speed and efficiency of training new recruits. This is possible by providing accurate and consistent explanations of challenges, including each step of how to resolve the issue. 

Which Platform Should You Choose?

Teams is a popular video call solution. However, it has limited functions for remote collaboration and problem-solving. Several Teams competitors offer more expansive tools, and a few solutions, like ViiBE, offer several collaboration tools. ViiBE’s no-download platform with real-time functionalities and a built-in ticketing system helps it stand out against other teams alternatives.

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