Woman on the phone with a good CX strategy

3 Ways to Upgrade your CX Strategy

How customer satisfaction creates brand loyalty In 2020, having a CX strategy is key, as customers are more selective with their loyalty. They are not asking for much, but they do expect timely, personal, and positive customer service. In fact, 60% of consumers report that customer service and brand loyalty are directly correlated. Nonetheless, maintaining that loyalty is becoming more difficult. 77% of customers admit a willingness to switch brands more ...

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Oil and gas rig

The Digital Future of Oil and Gas Communications

Slowing growth amidst market recovery Oil and gas remain the leading forces of the world’s energy sources, accounting for 57.4% of worldwide energy consumed in 2016. This is not projected to change as demand continues to grow, albeit at a decreasing rate. According to PWC, 3.5 billion barrels of liquids were unearthed in 2017. However, this accounted for only 10% of the global demand. The demand surplus comes after a block ...

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