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Tech Updates: Autumn 2020 Review

The ViiBE team is pleased to release the review of our Autumn 2020 tech updates. This review includes several important updates and new features that have been requested by our customers. These updates are helping our users continuously deliver better customer service. The following tech updates were released in Autumn 2020:

Accessibility Updates

Our tech updates include several improvements to ViiBE’s WebRTC platform to streamline the process of accessing calls and continue our no-download model. As a result, our customers will continue to access ViiBE quickly and easily when needed.

Streamlined interface: We have enhanced the design of ViiBE’s login to make it easier for users to insert their credentials.

International accessibility: It is now possible to invite users with phone numbers that have less than 7 digits, so that countries with this phone number pattern can still receive ViiBE call notifications. In addition, participants can now change the language that their page is displayed in from inside a call in order to enhance international collaboration.

Getting started with ViiBE: ViiBE’s latest tech updates include a new onboarding process with videos to walk new users through setting up their profiles and getting started.

Welcome to ViiBE first time login

Platform Enhancements

ViiBE’s platform updates ensure that our users continue to have a more fluid and enjoyable experience using ViiBE. We have made several tech updates to the personalisation, searchability, and design of the solution.

Better user experience: There have been several UX enhancements made including an updated login page design. Additionally, the platform is now up to 6 times faster at filtering and selecting users when launching a call.

Faster searchability: ViiBE wants to make sure that its users can access the right information as quickly as possible. As a result, users can now search for tickets by participant name. To ensure you are looking through the correct ticket’s archives, it is also possible to attach descriptions to conversations.

Admin dashboard: Admins have new capabilities including the option to manually reset other users’ passwords as well as the ability to delete tickets.

Domain personalisation: There are new updates that will help further personalise the platform for users, including the ability to take pictures from their cameras to set as avatars and the preconfigured and customised welcome pages provided for each new subdomain.

New language added: ViiBE is now available in Spanish! ViiBE continues to add new languages as use of the platform expands worldwide.

Personalize your ViiBE Language Settings

Call Updates

ViiBE’s video calls simplify the incident management process by helping parties get connected quickly and easily. The latest call updates ensure that users can enter video calls and start collaborating as efficiently as possible.

New waiting room: There is a new waiting page before entering a session, where participants have the ability to choose which camera and microphone they want to use. Here, they can also view the session details.

Taking snapshots: Images will be taken in 1080p (if the camera permits) even if the video quality is not as high due to connection issues. In addition, call participants can still take snapshots even if the video feed is cut due to a lack of connectivity, but not if they have chosen to turn their cameras off.

Call information: The call timeline now displays when the recording both starts and stops, so that users have all available information.

Start of a ViiBE call
End of ViiBE call

New Call Features

ViiBE has a host of collaboration and communication tools available during calls so participants can provide accurate guidance and support. As new use cases with ViiBE emerge, there are new remote communication challenges to consider. Therefore, our tech updates include new tools and functionalities based on the needs of our clients.

Document sharing: Sharing a PDF is now easier, allowing call participants to distribute important information more quickly for faster troubleshooting and collaboration.

Updated mobile experience: The UX for mobile users has been streamlined so there are fewer buttons on-screen in landscape mode.

Multi-party call functions: Users can now invite multiple participants at once, making it quick and easy to collaborate with multi-party groups. It’s also possible to hide video miniatures, so users can have a true full-screen experience.

Collaboration zone features: The collaboration zone now includes a whiteboard for free-hand drawings and annotations. The collaboration module toolbar also includes a new tool to insert text on any document or snapshot shared. On this toolbar, users can also now choose the colour and the thickness of lines and arrows, as well as the colour of the text.

Collaboration Zone Tech Updates

Partnership Integrations

ViiBE continues to expand its partnerships and integration capabilities to help major actors transform the way they collaborate and seamlessly integrate video assistance into their pre-existing workflows.

Microsoft Dynamics: ViiBE is now integrated with Microsoft Dynamics. To use ViiBE in Microsoft’s platform, an agent simply has to open a support ticket. There, a ViiBE call button will be embedded directly into the platform so that the agent can start making calls quickly and easily.

RealWear: ViiBE has implemented new voice commands into its RealWear integration. To use ViiBE with RealWear devices, a worker simply has to scan a ViiBE QR code from his or her mobile phone to join the call from the wearable tablet.

Partnership integrations

Enjoy exploring these new tech updates on your ViiBE account!

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