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ViiBE Joins the Construction and Building Accelerator by Impulse Labs

Visual-assistance solutions are both useful and relevant when addressing the challenges faced by the Construction Industry in 2020, including a lack of real-time communications and equipment breakdowns that lead to major budgetary losses. In these situations, visual-assistance solutions are particularly effective in carrying out a quality remote diagnosis to properly troubleshoot and resolve problems.

The relevance of a video-assistance solution in the construction industry 

Video-assistance solutions enable real-time collaboration with experts who can inspect, diagnose, and resolve issues from a distance. The field operator can thus share the video feed of his camera in real-time via a tablet, a smartphone, or even using RealWear connected glasses in combination with ViiBE. This way, the operator can take pictures, zoom in on the images, share and annotate on pictures and documents, and thus concretely identify the problem and draw up a complete and high-quality diagnosis.

ViiBE joins the Construction & Building Accelerator of Impulse Labs 

ViiBE’s visual-assistance webapp is ideal for addressing the challenges in these contexts. As a result, ViiBE has been selected to join the Construction & Building Accelerator of Impulse Labs in June 2020, following ViiBE’s presentation to the Accelerator Selection Committee. The Committee, and notably Saint-Gobain and TechnipFMC, saw the enormous value in using a collaborative solution like ViiBE. ViiBE’s presentation to experienced professionals from several leading companies in the industry clearly demonstrated the potential impact of using ViiBE’s solution to help them improve their KPIs and reduce on-site travels. 

Impulse Labs is part of Impulse Partners which is a start-up incubator that facilitates connections between groups and start-ups in order to respond to the transformation challenges of the former and the development of the latter.

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The added value of Impulse Labs for ViiBE 

The Construction & Building Accelerator of Impulse Labs was born of Impulse Partners’ desire to bring together top companies and start-ups specialized in the construction industry. By facilitating their exchanges, these corporations can refine and specify their needs to the start-ups who commit themselves to letting the larger organizations benefit from their innovations. It is therefore a win-win relationship that Impulse Labs strives to promote by bringing these types of actors together.

The Construction & Building Accelerator of Impulse Labs also plays an important role in that it allows ViiBE to access to a network of relevant actors in their development: experts, providers, services. Additionally, the accelerator provides access for start-ups to financing solutions at all stages of the project by facilitating contact with investors and assisting the start-ups in raising funds.


The fact that ViiBE has been selected to join the Construction & Building Accelerator of Impulse Labs underlines the contribution and relevance of such a solution in the resolution of issues in the field in the construction industry. ViiBE’s performance in the construction industry has already proven successful following its deployment at Bouygues Construction, enabling them to save 20% of breakdown costs since the implementation of ViiBE. Keep a look out for our “Construction” article series to find out how this collaboration is rewarding for both parties and how ViiBE revolutionizes remote assistance in the construction industry.

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