Zoom Alternatives 2021

Zoom Alternatives: Choosing the Best Video Call Software (2021)

Zoom is a cloud-based telephony software and messaging service. Its platform offers many standard video conferencing features. Yet, some Zoom alternatives include additional in-call features. ViiBE’s unique functionalities offer a different video communication experience than usual. This comparison highlights some differences in functionalities between Zoom and ViiBE.

Accessibility for External Users

Zoom does have a web version available for outside guests that don’t have the application downloaded. This is useful for expanding access to external partners. However, the web version of Zoom’s software doesn’t include the same features as the app version. For example, with the web version, the user cannot see all call participants at the same time. They will only see the screen of the conversation partner who is currently speaking. 

When using Zoom alternatives, like ViiBE, easy accessibility is a priority. ViiBE’s web app is device agnostic and can always be accessed without download. This reduces friction so that external partners can easily join calls and still use ViiBE’s collaborative tools. When collaborators need to download an app, it creates a major barrier. If they don’t have enough bandwidth or face IT blockages, then they won’t be able to participate in the video collaboration. This can halt workflows and projects for indeterminate amounts of time.

Boosting Collaboration for Users

Zoom includes a few options for in-call tools. On mobile devices, Zoom users can switch between using their front and back cameras. This can be used to show other call participants one’s surroundings if necessary. There is also a screen sharing function to project information to all call participants.

Additionally, Zoom offers multiple participant layouts. This way, users can focus on whoever is talking or see everyone in equal-sized screens with the mosaic mode. Finally, Zoom includes a classic chat function during calls so participants can send instant messages.

ViiBE includes all of these same in-call features and more. This Zoom alternative enhances remote assistance and problem-solving with its collaboration zone available to all participants during calls. In the collaboration zone, participants have access to a virtual whiteboard. They can make annotations thanks to paintbrush, text, and arrow tools. The same tools are available to mark up any pictures or documents sent during calls.

Additionally, ViiBE offers a red laser pointer. Collaborators can project the laser over each other’s live video feeds. This tool enhances users ability to provide guidance.

Computer showing the interface of ViiBE, a Zoom alternative

Zoom Alternatives & Knowledge Management

Following a Zoom call, participants have no record of their previous call history. Call organisers that use a paid version of the platform have the option of recording the call session. However, this is not automatically available to the other participants. Meanwhile, Zoom alternatives like ViiBE provide users with a complete call history. 

ViiBE calls are stored in a built-in ticketing system. These tickets include the video recording along with call feedback, all documents and pictures shared during the conversation. These elements can also be used to produce learning material.

The ticket archives can serve as a knowledge management system to transfer information from experienced to novice workers. As a result, employees can learn new skills and be better prepared to resolve issues independently. This is important because companies with knowledgeable workforces are better able to improve operational efficiency and reduce errors. This leads to less machine downtime, no call redirections, and a reduction of expenses.

Overview: Zoom vs ViiBE

Both Zoom and ViiBE offer popular video call features on their platforms. Zoom allows up to 100 meeting participants and provides the option for the call host to record the meeting. However, there are several features missing that Zoom alternative, ViiBE includes. ViiBE is more focused on providing the tools needed for remote visual assistance and technical troubleshooting. As a result, the platform has more collaborative in-call functionalities and post-call features.

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