ViiBE Zendesk video call integration

ViiBE’s Zendesk video call integration: The best-in-class CRM remote assistance partnership

When looking for a best in class AR remote assistance tool, industry leaders turn to ViiBE’s video call Zendesk integration. ViiBE’s Zendesk video call plugin has a proven track record of drastically boosting customer satisfaction and operational KPIs. Further, the exceptional performance of ViiBE’s integration makes it the first choice AR remote assistance tool for companies such as Decathlon and Allianz Partners. Introduction to Zendesk Simply put, Zendesk is a CRM catch-all. ...

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Zendesk startup central viibe interview

Zendesk Startup Central Q&A: Revolutionizing Remote Assistance

This week, ViiBE co-founder and CEO Marc Prempain was pleased to participate in a live Q&A with Zendesk Startup Central where he discussed how ViiBE's web technology has revolutionized remote assistance, and where industry trends are leading this technology. During the interview he dove into 3 main topics: Redirecting your focus during the global health crisisUpcoming collaborations with ZendeskThe future of remote assistance Scroll down to view the full transcript of the ...

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Top 5 Best Practices to Reduce Truck Roll in 2021

Top 5 Best Practices to Reduce Truck Roll in 2021

What is a Truck Roll?  A truck roll is when a technician is dispatched, via truck or another type of vehicle, to address a technical issue such as maintenance, installation, or rearrangement.   The problem posed by truck rolls  Field service organizations rely heavily on truck rolls to reach customers; however, truck rolls are often counterproductive. Dispatch-heavy organizations like digital service providers report 25% of truck rolls as non-value added (NVA) and an immense ...

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Augmented Reality Remote Assistance

How Augmented Reality Remote Assistance will Revolutionise your Business

Customer service, field service, and human resource organisations have begun introducing augmented reality (AR) technology with remarkable results. Paired together, augmented reality remote assistance has a proven track record of boosting ROI and KPIs including Customer satisfactionFirst contact resolution ratesService efficiency  Augmented reality’s ability to improve a company's performance has led many, like Samsung, to implement AR throughout their entire remote assistance ecosystem. With wide-ranging remote assistance implications, the field of augmented ...

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Top 10 Field Service Platforms

Top 10 Best Field Service Platforms for 2021

Field service software is an important tool for companies who want to optimise remote collaboration with on-site field technicians. This is particularly essential for companies with complex technical manipulations or that require machinery to be maintained and repaired. Strong contenders must be able to connect anyone, anywhere, anytime. Additionally, it is important to have a variety of in-call functionalities that allow experts to properly guide on-site technicians. Finally, the best ...

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Zoom Alternatives 2021

Zoom Alternatives: Choosing the Best Video Call Software (2021)

Zoom is a cloud-based telephony software and messaging service. Its platform offers many standard video conferencing features. Yet, some Zoom alternatives include additional in-call features. ViiBE’s unique functionalities offer a different video communication experience than usual. This comparison highlights some differences in functionalities between Zoom and ViiBE. Accessibility for External Users Zoom does have a web version available for outside guests that don’t have the application downloaded. This is useful for expanding ...

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Facetime alternative 2021

FaceTime Alternative: Choosing the Best Remote Communication Software (2021)

FaceTime is a videotelephony tool created by Apple Inc. for communication between its customers. This video call product offers several of the usual video conferencing in-call features. FaceTime alternatives, on the other hand, can provide unique collaboration tools. This article compares the functionality of FaceTime with ViiBE, a top competitor. Platform Access and Compatibility FaceTime is built into Apple mobile phones. As a result, it is unavailable on other platforms like Android ...

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Teamviewer alternative 2021

TeamViewer Alternatives: Choosing the Best Video Assistance Platform (2021)

TeamViewer is a remote control, web conferencing, and file-sharing software between computers. It offers several remote assistance functionalities that are also present on the platforms of TeamViewer alternatives like ViiBE. ViiBE’s unique ticketing system and call routing feature distinguish it from the other TeamViewer alternatives. This comparison will explore the differences in tools and functionalities between ViiBE and TeamViewer. Multiple Ways to Make a Call TeamViewer is available on most devices including ...

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GoToMeeting Alternatives 2021

GoToMeeting Alternatives: Choosing the Best Competitor (2021)

GoToMeeting is a web conferencing service dedicated to audio and video conferencing. It offers standard video call features that provide a simple user interface for both mobile and PC users. GoToMeeting alternatives, however, offer similar features for remote collaboration needs. ViiBE is a video assistance platform and ticketing system for remote technical support and after-sales services. It offers a unique set of in-call tools to enhance remote assistance for more ...

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Google Hangouts alternative 2021

Google Hangouts Alternatives: Choosing the Best Video Call Solution (2021)

Google Hangouts is a video call and messaging app. It has standard video call functionalities. As part of the Google Suite, it is integrated into Google calendars so meeting links are seamlessly integrated into users' schedules. However, several Google Hangouts alternatives offer more complex video assistance functions. ViiBE’s unique tools and features, in particular, offer the ideal support needed for users to provide effective remote assistance. Overview of Google Hangouts vs ViiBE Both ...

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